Cosmic Angelic Vibrations (light, love, abundance)

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“Only from the heart, can you touch the sky” - Rumi. 

The Cosmic Angelic Vibrations pendant is made for anyone who wants to reinforce their channelling abilities, tap into higher realms of consciousness and uplift their vibes with high frequency crystals.

Rose Quartz amplifies love and compassion as it opens your heart space. Moonstone is ideal for empowering the feminine energies in women and men; assisting in opening up the intuitive and sensual side of your nature. Similar to Clear Quartz, Selenite amplifies all other crystals around it and also provides healing properties, it will cleanse and harmonize your bio-energetic fields (chakra) and Rhodozite helps you achieve a profound spiritual experience.

The Cosmic Angelic Vibrations pendant is aimed at bringing divine guidance, infinite love and abundance into your life. Combined with plant medicine spirits Sacred Ayahuasca and Palo Santo Wood, our pendants are powerful energy portals that will help you lighten up and bring more love into your life!


✦ Measurements: Big Crystal Point: 5 x 1 cm - 1.97 x 0.39 inch / Other Shapes: 3,5 x 1 cm - 1.38 x 0.39 inch
✦ Material: Sacred Ayahuasca & Palo Santo, Gold Flakes, Brass Shavings, Eco Resin
✦ Crystals: Aura Quartz, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Moonstone, Rhodozite, Rose Quartz & Selenite
✦ Pendant includes high quality gold-plated necklace


Aura Quartz works to stimulate your Aura and help you cleanse it of any negative energy that might have built up. It helps you let go of blockages in your chakra, and strengthens your ability to meditate, so you can better reach the higher dimensions of consciousness.

Citrine is associated with the sun, which represents light and creative energy. With citrine, you can harness this energy and use it to create success, prosperity, and abundance in your life. Citrine gives you the power to create things into existence.

It also encourages us to share our wealth, whether it be in the monetary or spiritual sense. It helps us manifest the things we need while also helping us create abundance in our lives.

ATTRIBUTES: ✦ Abundance ✦ Prosperity ✦ Inspiration ✦ Pleasure ✦ Creativity ✦ Guidance ✦ Energizing ✦ Happiness ✦ Prosperity ✦ Generosity ✦ Protection ✦ Strength ✦ Alignment ✦ Confidence ✦ Stability ✦ Truth ✦ Goodness ✦ Warmth ✦ Spiritual growth ✦ Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Crown Chakra

Clear quartz is the master healer of all healing stones. It has the ability to amplify and enhance energy, as well as clear and balance your aura. It can also help boost your concentration and memory and provide spiritual clarity.

Hold it in your hand and program it with your intentions. If you want to manifest something specific, ask yourself what you want, hold the crystal in your hand, visualize and say it out loud to the crystal.

ATTRIBUTES: ✦ Clearing ✦ Cleansing ✦ Amplifier ✦ Energy ✦ Master Healer ✦ Psychic abilities ✦ Clarity ✦ Calmness ✦ Wisdom ✦ Power ✦ Spirituality ✦ Crown Chakra, All Chakras

Moonstone is a beautiful and luminescent stone that offers its magical powers of happiness, good fortune, nurturing and unselfishness to its wearer. A stone of new beginnings, it facilitates the birth of new ideas. Moonstone brings hope, enhances feminine energies and sensitivity and aids in the acceptance of love. With its lulling pearlescent sheen and mystical properties, Moonstone is a protective talisman for travelers.

ATTRIBUTES: ✦ Happiness ✦ Good fortune ✦ Nurturing ✦ Mothering ✦ Unselfishness ✦ Humanitarian ✦ Love ✦ Hope ✦ Spiritual insight ✦ Easy childbirth ✦ Safe travel ✦ New beginnings ✦ Abundance ✦ Ancient wisdom ✦ Third Eye Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra

Rhodozite is a stone for empaths. It helps you develop your empathy skills, and it also helps you protect yourself from absorbing unwanted energy that might be floating around. Rhodozite is a stone for releasing negativity and stress. It can help you access higher spiritual dimensions. It also brings clarity of mind and helps you make decisions based on intuition.

Selenite cleanses and aligns the chakras, bringing about a deep peace and sense of tranquillity. It teaches us to go with the flow of life. It is a crystal of mental clarity, enhancing mental flexibility and strengthening decisions. It is a powerful healing crystal that brings serenity to your mind, body & spirit.

ATTRIBUTES: Heart ✦ Serenity ✦ Purification ✦ Peace ✦ Meditation ✦ Universal consciousness ✦ Clarity of thought ✦ Purity of heart ✦ Universal love ✦ Integrity ✦ Spirituality ✦ Psychic development ✦ Forgiveness ✦ Positive thoughts ✦ Crown Chakra, All Chakras

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love, peace, and compassion. If you're looking to find inner healing for yourself and others, this is for you. It's the perfect stone to keep close by if you're experiencing heartbreak or loneliness or if you just want to make sure your heart stays open and kind.

ATTRIBUTES: ✦ Unconditional Love ✦ Peace ✦ Calming ✦ Happiness ✦ Romance ✦ Sensuality ✦ Balance ✦ Healing ✦ Trust


Ayahuasca is a sacred plant that's been used for centuries by Shamans and spiritual healers to help people connect to interdimensional realms around them. It helps you feel connected to nature, encourages spiritual awakening, intuition and can also help you open yourself up to your true calling in life.

We've used this sacred plant in our pendant so that you can carry its spiritual power with you wherever you go, and connect with all of the energy that surrounds us—the energy that we all share as human beings.

ATTRIBUTES:  Spiritual Awakening  Protection  Purification

Palo Santo is a mystical tree known for its health benefits and therapeutic qualities. It is called "holy wood" because it is traditionally used to clear negative energies from spaces and people. This sacred plant medicine helps calm anxiety and soothe stress.

Palo Santo is used for spiritual and energetical purification, evoking protection, grounding and raising your vibration.

ATTRIBUTES:  Spiritual Awakening  Protection  Purification


Namacci creates handmade healing crystal art & jewelry. Our mission is to empower you with these beautiful, transformative creations. We combine the beauty of nature with the healing properties of different crystals and plant medicine spirits to create art pieces that are not only beautiful but also have a deeper meaning that can bring light, love, and positivity into your life. Each creation is handmade and unique. All our creations uplift, energize and balance your body, mind and soul.