Star Seed Crystal Healing (wisdom, truth, protection)

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"A key to the infinite wisdom of the Universe."

This pendant is for those who seek to expand their consciousness and connect with their spirit guides. The beautiful Star Seed pendant serves as a reminder that you are a part of all creation, and it helps you amplify your power to access ancient wisdom and your innate sense of truth and protection, especially when you're feeling fragmented, unsure, or confused.

Channelling the power of many different crystals including Black Tourmaline for protection and grounding, while Rose Quartz helps you open your Heart Chakra and bring unconditional love into your life. Clear Quartz amplifies the power of all the other crystals, while Amethyst offers wisdom and Amazonite helps you with truthfulness in all aspects of your life. Together with this combination, we've infused  sacred Ayahuasca vine and Palo Santo in this pendant to further enhance its energy.


✦ Measurements: Big Crystal Point: 5 x 1 cm - 1.97 x 0.39 inch / Other Shapes: 3,5 x 1 cm - 1.38 x 0.39 inch
✦ Material: Sacred Ayahuasca & Palo Santo, Gold Flakes, Brass Shavings, Eco Resin
✦ Crystals: Amethyst, Amazonite, Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz
✦ Pendant includes high quality gold-plated necklace


Spiritually, Amazonite is a stone for truth, communication, and integrity. It can help align your physical actions with your spiritual beliefs. It can also help you to understand the intentions of others and make it easier for you to communicate yours.

ATTRIBUTES: ✦ Perceiving truth ✦ Stress relief ✦ Alleviates worry and fear ✦ Protects against radiation

Amethyst is a crystal of spiritual growth and protection, known for its metaphysical abilities to still the mind and inspire an enhanced meditative state. It promotes composure, peace, and freedom from anxiety. A natural tranquilizer, Amethyst blocks negative environmental energies and prevents negative energies from entering the aura. It appeases anger, rage, fear and anxiety.

ATTRIBUTES: ✦ Spiritual Growth ✦ Healing ✦ Intuition ✦ Peace ✦ Wisdom ✦ Protection ✦ Enhances Psychic Abilities ✦ Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra

Black Tourmaline is often called a "grounding" stone because it helps people connect with the earth and feel more at home in their bodies. It helps you to step into your own power. It's also potent for protecting against negative energy and electromagnetic smog. Keep this stone close when you're in crowds or feel like you’re dealing with a lot.

ATTRIBUTES: ✦ Protection ✦ Grounding ✦ Powerful ✦ Healing ✦ Well-being ✦ Prosperity ✦ Clarity ✦ Transmutor ✦ Happiness ✦ Base/Root Chakra

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love, peace, and compassion. If you're looking to find inner healing for yourself and others, this is for you. It's the perfect stone to keep close by if you're experiencing heartbreak or loneliness or if you just want to make sure your heart stays open and kind.

ATTRIBUTES: ✦ Unconditional Love ✦ Peace ✦ Calming ✦ Happiness ✦ Romance ✦ Sensuality ✦ Balance ✦ Healing ✦ Trust

Clear Quartz is the master healer of all healing stones. It has the ability to amplify and enhance energy, as well as clear and balance your aura. It can also help boost your concentration and memory and provide spiritual clarity.

Hold it in your hand and program it with your intentions. If you want to manifest something specific, ask yourself what you want, hold the crystal in your hand, visualize and say it out loud to the crystal.

ATTRIBUTES: ✦ Clearing ✦ Cleansing ✦ Amplifier ✦ Energy ✦ Master Healer ✦ Psychic abilities ✦ Clarity ✦ Calmness ✦ Wisdom ✦ Power ✦ Spirituality ✦ Crown Chakra, All Chakras


Ayahuasca is a sacred plant that's been used for centuries by Shamans and spiritual healers to help people connect to interdimensional realms around them. It helps you feel connected to nature, encourages spiritual awakening, intuition and can also help you open yourself up to your true calling in life.

We've used this sacred plant in our pendant so that you can carry its spiritual power with you wherever you go, and connect with all of the energy that surrounds us—the energy that we all share as human beings.

ATTRIBUTES:  Spiritual Awakening  Protection  Purification

Palo Santo is a mystical tree known for its health benefits and therapeutic qualities. It is called "holy wood" because it is traditionally used to clear negative energies from spaces and people. This sacred plant medicine helps calm anxiety and soothe stress.

Palo Santo is used for spiritual and energetical purification, evoking protection, grounding and raising your vibration.

ATTRIBUTES:  Spiritual Awakening  Protection  Purification


Namacci creates handmade healing crystal art & jewelry. Our mission is to empower you with these beautiful, transformative creations. We combine the beauty of nature with the healing properties of different crystals and plant medicine spirits to create art pieces that are not only beautiful but also have a deeper meaning that can bring light, love, and positivity into your life. Each creation is handmade and unique. All our creations uplift, energize and balance your body, mind and soul.